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Welcome to YetiBowl the Game!
YetiBowl is a game originally designed for demonstrating HTML5 gaming across the web. This game has also been ported to Windows 8 as a Windows 8 Store App written in HTML5 and a Windows Phone 8 HTML5 app.

This codebase contains three different versions of the YetiBowl game:
  1. HTML5 YetiBowl game: an HTML5 cross browser version of the game that works with keyboard or touch. The game can be found in the “web” folder.
  2. Windows 8 game: the windows 8 game requires you install the Microsoft Ad SDK first. You should then be able to open the game and install it. All file for the game can be found in the YetiBow_Win8 folder.
  3. Windows Phone 8 game: the web version of the game ported to windows phone 8. All file for the game can be found in the YetiBow_WP8 folder.

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